Thursday, 24 June 2010

bling rings

I just love these bling rings - the beads dangle from the ring shank, they aren't rigid.  So simple & pretty.

there's so much scope to use a variety of different beads to create lots of really different rings.
all available from my GroovyCart shop except the sparkly crystal type one (top right) which is today's looney listing on misi.  All stock in my GroovyCart shop has FREE P&P at the moment too - bargain!

Click these links for GroovyCart and MISI

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

MISI looney listings...

Oh dear, done it again.  I blame the sunshine for luring me outside rather than blogging, working, doing housework......
my last three days looney listings on MISI are
red hearts and charms bracelet

pink & purple hearts and charms bracelet

victorian dancer pendant

all available from Just K Jewellery on MISI

Saturday, 19 June 2010

little studs

I made these little stud earrings - cute aren't they!
the purple & blue ones have lots of glitter in tinted resin, gold is lots of tiny gold beads in clear resin and the sprinkles are candy cake sprinkles (hundreds and thousands) in clear resin
I 've just listed them in Just K Jewellery on GroovyCart

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Misi Looney Listers

oops - I seem to have missed a few days (started out so well!)

sunday : keyboard pendant

monday was some of my handmade resin pendants in Karen's Beads

tuesday : red, white & blue stars cufflinks

wednesday : cake sprinkles earrings

all jewellery available to buy from my MISI shop
and resin pendants from Karen's Beads

Friday, 11 June 2010

MISI Looney Listers - friday 11th June

today's looney listing is TWO fly the flag keyrings for the DIY dad - I couldn't choose which one to list so went for both of them!

they are small charms with a toolbox theme backed by union jack ribbon in resin
for more information click the links below

Folksy Friday - Feathers

the theme for today's Folksy Friday is...


bracelet from Jewelstar Jo

peacock feather earrings from Corvus Chainmaille

peacock feathers art print from Sarah's Boutique

feathers hat pin from LadyVanCara

fascinator from SH Creations

taffeta roses & peacock feathers necklace from The Tattered Rose

I hope you like my selection

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

MISI Looney Listers - 8th June

here's my LL for today...

it's lots of different coloured spots and dots in a small resin pendant - the spots & dots were all made by me from little bits of left over resin

this bracelet is from Lej Jewellery - pretty isn't it

Chilli Pepper Jewellery

I bought some small glass chilli pepper charms recently thinking I'd make a charm bracelet with them.  I could have kicked myself when they arrived - why didn't I read the description properly & take note of the dimensions!  They were tiny & lots of them didn't have a proper hole in the loop in the top.  I've separated out all the charms that I can use with a jump ring - but 75% I can't get the thinnest wire through.

It's just as well that I make resin jewellery and could embed them into different colour resin to make a chilli pepper range of jewellery (it would have been the bin otherwise)
these pieces are all in my GroovyCart shop

I've still got LOADS of them left so suspect they'll be appearing in my resin jewellery on & off for a while.  I might make some up into cabochons and pendants to sell in Just K Beads on GroovyCart or Karen's Beads on Misi - so let me know if you might be interested...

Monday, 7 June 2010

MISI looney listers - monday 7th June

today's item from me is...

I've embedded some black & white print from a fashion magazine in a resin pendant

infuriating isn't it - what was the article about!

There's a group of us doing this daily listing challenge. 

this father's day card is from Handmade Harry

Sunday, 6 June 2010

MISI looney listers

a group of us with stores on MISI have decided to have a daily listing challenge.  This is to raise the profile of MISI and all the wonderful handmade gifts for sale on the site.  So we will all be listing one new item a day on MISI and then will blog, tweet and post on FaceBook about it.

So here goes...

this is my first item listed for MISI looney listers

little glass chilli pepper charms in lime green resin - and made up into a funky, kitsch ring

Friday, 4 June 2010

folksy friday - fruit

the theme for my folksy friday this week is...


citrus fruit ring from Lazy Daisy

gift tags from The Botanical Concept

fruit salad bracelet from Vanda Handmade Jewellery

minature trug of fruit from Grandma's Minature Market

knitted banana from ooh aah knits

fruit & veg decoupage stool from Jane Jones Designs

summer fruits table lights from Bohoboutik