Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Folksy Valentinos - Animals

I've fallen off the Folksy Valentinos wagon - again!  I wonder if I'll ever actually be able to list one item every day for a whole month.  I've had lots of orders on my GroovyCart shop - not complaining - but it's kept me busy.

I'm supposed to be photographing jewellery to be listed on the new look Wow Thank You website when it launches at the end of the week but the light is so bad - I'll have to try again tomorrow.

So.....  I've decided to blog about some of the gorgeous items being listed by my fellow (and better disciplined) Folksy Valentino Folk and have chosed the theme   ANIMALS  well sort of - lol!

click the photos to find out more

Monday, 14 February 2011

I love you lots.... like jelly tots

I love you lots.... like jelly tots

I hadn't heard that saying before until recently.   I was asked to make a personalised jelly tot heart bag charm for valentines day and posted a picture of it on a group I belong to on Facebook. 

It initiated a discussion and I found out about this saying "I love you lots... like jelly tots".

So as it's Valentines Day and I've got a selection of jewellery made with real jelly tot sweets for sale in my GroovyCart shop I though we'd have a jelly tot theme blog for Valentines Day

and for children...

Friday, 4 February 2011

Folksy Friday - Valentinos Virgins

february's daily listing club on Folksy has been called...
 The Valentinos - for obvious reasons!

My Folksy friday blog features sellers who are new to the challenge of trying to list daily and some are new to Folksy too
As usual please click the name of the seller above each photo to find out more

Jewels of Isis - aquarian flower necklace

Buggable - personalised bib

Scottish Princess - silver & red heart earrings

Beep Beep - crochet vase

Ra Ra Bazaar - sock monkey

The Knitted Duck - valentine socks

Dragonwys - beanie dragon

please find time to leave a comment & let me know what you think of this fabulous selection of lovelies