Monday, 3 November 2014

Steampunk Jewellery made with Small Watch Parts

All these items have been made with tiny recycled watch parts.  Some have the watch parts cast in resin and then made into jewellery and keyrings.  Others have been set into blank jewellery bezels and sealed with a coat of clear resin.

All these pieces are listing on Etsy.  If you click here and type "steampunk" into the search box you'll see everything available for sale. 

Monday, 27 October 2014

Cat Jewellery

All this jewellery has been made either with black cat silhouette shapes, cat beads and charms or photographs of my little tabby cat that I have digitally altered to give a retro appearance.

If you put the word"cat" into the search box you will see everything available with a cat theme

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Gone fishing

I was asked a while ago to make a keyring with fish hooks cast in resin as a custom order.  It turned out really well so I made some more, as well as necklaces and cufflinks.

Then I decided to see what fishing flies would look like cast in resin - and again they worked well

If you use the search box - put in the word "fishing" and you'll find everything fishing related

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Craftyfolk Shop of the Week - part 2

Another fabulous Craftyfolk treasury based around one of my items.  I'm not good at creating treasuries and am always amazed at the stunning collections people put together - especially the colour based ones.

I love the colours that Tommye of TJBDesigns has found for this one called "Shining Stars"

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Craftyfolk shop of the week.

I have a shop and sell on the craft website Etsy.  On Etsy I am a member of a team called Craftyfolk. It was originally a group of UK sellers who'd "fallen out" with a UK craft selling site - I won't go into the details as it's all water under the bridge now but lots of people were forced to stop selling on the site and some of us left as a protest about how badly the site handled the situation.  I'd opened an Etsy shop a few years ago but didn't start stocking the shop until June 2012 when I joined the Craftyfolk team.  I'd always been a bit scared of Etsy as it's such a big site and I'd heard stories of how scary the forums are - I still haven't ventured onto the forums, I stick with the Craftyfolk team. Stocking my Etsy shop was the best thing I could ever had done - I had my 600th sale last week which had me whooping around the room.  Then I had an email at the weekend telling me I'd been chosen as the Craftyfolk shop of the week.
Craftyfolk is a fabulous supportive team - we try and have some fun as well as raising the profile of team members shops and hopefully increase sales.
Being the shop of the week means the participating team members try to promote your shop as much as possible.  The activity on my shop has already gone through the roof and I've been included in lots of treasuries.
I was trying to think how I could show what everyone is doing for me and have decided to blog about it.

To start with I'd like to show you this treasury created by Lauren of Green Street Mosaics.  It's called FUN GIFTS

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Animal Charms, Keyrings and Bag Charms

I don't make much beaded jewellery these days as I mainly make my resin jewellery.  I've still got lots of beads and charms in stock so I decided to make some simple animal themed charms, keyrings and bag charms.

These items have been added recently to my GroovyCart shop.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Fruit Salad anyone?

I'm in retreat from the golf - my OH is watching The Masters and has been hogging the television for the past 4 nights.  I'll be glad when it's finished, just the sound of the inane commentary drives me to an early bedtime.  I always think I'll read for an hour or so but seem to nod off much too soon.

But before I have yet another early night I thought I'd share my latest makes.

I love using these tiny little slices of fruit in my resin jewellery. They are made from polymer clay and come in a thin cane that I cut into slices and then cast in the resin.

All these items are listed in my Etsy shop - as usual type fruit into the search box to see everything fruity for sale.  

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Is it wine o'clock yet?

Is it wine o'clock yet?
This seems to be a favourite saying amongst my crafty friends on Facebook so I couldn't resist making these wine o'clock necklaces.

Both are listed in my Etsy shop - Click here to go to Etsy.

I'm not sure who is the the most stupid.  The bird for not flying away or Pepper, who was thrashing her tail furiously and making a chirruping squeaky noise at the bird.  I took the photo out of my workroom window (with the zoom feature on my camera) and when I next looked they'd both gone. 

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

It's Etsy Every Day for the Craftyfolk team

On Etsy I belong to a team called Craftyfolk where we try and promote each others work.

I thought I'd try and do an occasional blogpost of a few things that have caught my eye.

Click the link under the photo to find out more about it.

I love these hazel wood compass keyrings by Cottage Coppicing

These satin orange flowers are by Nurichant Crafts

This fabric wallet or purse is by Moody Cow Designs 
I have one of her fabric business card wallets and it's perfect and very well made. 

I really like this "just to say" handmade card by Polly Purple Horse

Easter bunnies by Witty Dawn UK

Tea or Coffee Jewellery

I recently bought coffee beans instead of ground coffee at the supermarket - I obviously wasn't paying enough attention.  Turned out to be an expensive mistake as we then bought a little coffee grinder - but Nick says he likes the taste so we're now buying coffee beans.

I thought I'd see what the coffee beans look like when cast in resin.  I wasn't sure if they would colour the resin but it turned out that air bubbles would be the problem.  The air bubbles seem to pop out of the coffee beans when I'm not looking.

I hope people don't mind the air bubbles too much.  I need to play some more to work out how to avoid getting the air bubbles, although I don't really mind them.

The keyring below was my first attempt - and I've listed it as a Seconds in my GroovyCart shop due to the air bubbles. 

Having used the coffee beans my mind turned to tea - what would that look like in resin.  So I rummaged in the cupboard and found a box of Green Tea with Lemon.  I snipped the top off the tea bag and sprinkled some into the resin.  Again I was expecting the tea to colour the resin but it didn't - this is the result...

Everything is listed in my Etsy shop apart from the Keyring which is listed in my GroovyCart shop.