Tuesday, 29 September 2009

trying different sweets in my jewellery

I've been trying different sweets in my resin beads and pendants. I'm sure the lady in the pick 'n' mix shop thinks I'm mad as I inspect the sweets carefully - you'd be surprised how big most sweets are - especially when you're going to cast them in resin rather than eat them - lol!

blue smartie cufflinks

and a pair or handmade resin cabochons with sterling silver ear postsall available from Just K Jewellery

Friday, 11 September 2009

more resin...

funny how it's always me who can't get on ther PC these days! Roll on Nick's business taking off so we can buy another PC or laptop...
But - not being able to get on the PC does make me spend more time in my workroom. I've made and uploaded loads of stock to my GroovyCart BEADS shop as well as a selection of glue on jewellery findings that are slightly more difficult to source - and ideal for my flat back resin pendants & cabochons - take a look

here's a taster of new stock..
Over on Just K Jewellery I've added some sweet jewellery - real sweets in clear shiny resin
here's the link for Just K Jewellery
I've also been having a tidy up/clear out and have listed some destash beads and findings in Karen's Beads on MISI - click here