Saturday, 27 March 2010

Photo Charms Bracelet

the project to make a photo charms bracelet like the one above is now available to download from Easy Crafts Projects  Look under projects/jewellery making
I've kept the project fairly simple but the bracelet would be lovely with more beads and some charms too.  If you don't want to use photos you could choose a theme/colour and use pictures, charms and beads to fit your theme.

Monday, 22 March 2010

little resin animal cabochon beads, flower, blue swirls and a tweet birdie pendants

OK - I've made loads of the little animal cabochon beads and I'm sure I'll be making loads more in the future as the moulds are so small they're just perfect for little bits of left over resin.
They are also perfect for embedding in small resin cabochons and then made into rings, earrings, cuff links, pendants.....
I've listed these ones in my GroovyCart Bead Shop - just 99p per pair.  They have flat backs and need to be glued to flat pad jewellery blanks.

these pendants have also been listed there as well. The shop needed a revamp and I'll add some more items later this week.
If you'd like to visit my Beads shop click here

Friday, 19 March 2010

making moulds for resin jewellery and my new website

I've been creating my new website over the past week - quite please with how it's looking but I've got more stock to add to the online shop and I want to add a few more links in JKJ recommends...
If you'd like to take a peek click here

I found some fun little buttons recently and have made some moulds from them.  These little moulds are a great way to use up left over resin - there always seems to be just a little bit left in the mixing pot! 

The first batch have been made up into earrings as a trial to see if it would work - been listed in my MISI shop at a special introductory offer. 

I've used some of the next batch to make into more earrings.  I've also embedded a few more into clear shiny resin to make cabochons.  Cab have been made into these rings.
the earrings above are available from my website Just K Jewellery and the rings are on WOW Thank You or will be very soon.
I found a duck button yesterday so have taken a mould and have got more bunnies, teddies and ducks waiting to be demoulded - this time red ones...

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

more resin keyrings

I don't know why I keep making my latest resin pieces into keyrings.....  just seems the most appropriate
these are on GroovyCart

these are on Folksy

and these on Misi

My latest project is using our photos in resin and I'm about to go upstairs and de-mould my latest pieces....

Saturday, 6 March 2010

mr frog and the rose garden bracelet

I keep making resin pieces and moving on to the next idea....
I made a mould of a frog from a little button I found.  Every time I have some left over resin I make a little frog!.
This one has been embedded in a resin heart, with some glitter to give a splash of sparkle!
My next project for Easy Craft Projects will be a photo charm bracelet.  The photo charms I made were of my son as a small child and I love it - been wearing the bracelet since I made it

After I'd written the project I decided to use the same idea to make another bracelet using our photographs.  We had a lovely afternoon last summer wandering round a walled rose garden - the scent was heady and overwhelming - I spent a few hours enjoying the roses while Nick took loads of photos.  I've used his photos in this bracelet with some flourite gemstones, amethyst chips and freshwater pearls
the mr frog necklace and rose garden bracelet have been listed in my FOLKSY shop today

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

new resin jewellery

These are a few of my latest resin pieces that I've added to my MISI and Folksy stores
the image of a red lipstick kiss captured in a clear shiny resin heart
and this spots and dots heart.  The dots are made with left over coloured resin that I put aside for a rainy day.
Both these pendants are available from my MISI shop
This spots and dots pendant was made in the same way as the heart pendant but it has a sterling silver bail and the black mesh necklace has sterling ends and clasp.  This pendant is available from my Folksy shop

These fun keyrings should make you smile - gone fishing and gone sailing are on Folksy,  DAD and frog prince on MISI