Saturday, 22 August 2009

I've been busy

it's been pretty busy & full on recently. I'm working on a number of custom orders as well as helping Nick to set up his own business. We've decided to have a "team meeting" on mondays to allocate PC time!!!

Here's a selection of new jewellery on Just K Jewellery...
this necklace was created by filling blank silver links with resin & then making them into this funky, chunky necklace
there are also earrings to match this ladybird bracelet - in matching jewellery
one of my handmade resin butterfly pendants made up into a necklace
click here to visit JKJ

Friday, 14 August 2009

resin cabochons, butterflies & pendants

I've been having an enjoyable time making lots & lots of resin pendants, cabochons & butterflies for my BEADS shop on GroovyCart. I've just upgraded the shop to silver so now all I've got to do is fill it with stock!
These pendants, butterflies & cabochons have been added today - I've got lots more to finish & photograph & even more still curing...

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

pigs might fly and other animals...

oops, done it again - not updated this blog for over a week...
Been busy making lots of new resin pendants for Just K Beads and Karen's Beads on MISI
I bought a couple of new molds - butterflies and cabochons. The first butterflies are for sale on MISI at a special reduced price as they are my test pieces to see how to create the best effects with different colours. You have to work upside down and let each layer cure between colours so it can be a time consuming process.
Click here to visit Karen's Beads on MISI
I've also been buying little animal & creature beads - coz they're so cute & I can't resist them! I've made them up into bracelets & necklaces - for sale on Just K Jewellery
As soon as my new resin pieces are photographed & uploaded I'll post some piccies here...