Saturday, 16 April 2011

our little Pepper cat

some of you may know that we adopted Pepper last september.  She'd been abandoned by her previous owners who left her behind when they moved.  A neighbour took pity on her and she was taken to the local rescue centre to be rehomed.
She's a lovely, affectionate cat - but likes to be able to see us or be near us most of the time.  Sometimes she's more like a dog than a cat - she loves playing chase with Nick in the garden.  He also drags a twig across the grass which she chases, and then picks up in her mouth & carries away.

She likes to get a few zzz's in - like all cats
on the sofa
or my work chair
but the laptop is her favourite place. 
She knows she's not allowed on it though and resists all attempts to move her

She likes "helping" me to arrange the jewellery to be photographed

we think she was an indoor cat in her previous life as she didn't know how to climb trees or fences when she first came to live with us

but she does now....   Trees = birds = yummy!

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EDIT - 7th March 2012 - UPDATE
I've now made some Pepper Cat jewellery
 click here to read the blog

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Sunday, 10 April 2011