Tuesday, 28 February 2012

new resin jewellery

I found some black filigree cut out tape in the Pound Shop & wondered what it would look like cast in resin - well here's my first two experiments

if you'd like to see more photos or find out more about them please click here

One of my favourite things to do is cast little charms in resin - both of these have a blue and gold background

I found some fabulous vintage style spoon pendants and have made some quirky little pendants by casting some slices of polymer clay apples in resin in the bowl of the spoon
this is one of them that's listed in my Groovycart shop - click here

Monday, 6 February 2012

Resin Rings made with Skateboard Shavings

I recently replied to a post on FaceBook for ideas how to recycle some shavings created by Natalie of O'Blue Thrashion who recycles old skateboards into jewellery and other items.
I'd previously cast some wood shavings from my dad's workshop in resin to make cufflinks so suggested this might be an idea.  Natalie very kindly offered me a bag of shavings to "play" with - advising that they were multicoloured.
And here are some rings that I've made...

These rings have been listed in my GroovyCart shop - click here to see more.

I've got some pendants waiting to be finished - once they are ready I'll be photographing them & listing them in my GroovyCart shop.

If you'd like to visit O'Blue Thrashion please click here