Friday, 29 January 2010

I've got a screw loose!!! - fun resin cabochon cufflinks

I was looking in the toolbox - saw some of the tiny screws and decided to see what they would look like in resin
I put a drop of resin in each of the small square shape molds and let it cure until it was almost solid.  I put the screws into the molds and then covered them with more clear resin.  Once the resin had completely cured I mixed some more resin but this time added a little bit of metallic brown pigment to give this lovely chocolate brown colour and then filled the molds to the top and left to cure under the lights.  I was really pleased with the result and thought they'd make a fun pair of cufflinks!

I've listed for sale in my MISI store

Sunday, 24 January 2010

bag for Haiti auction

one of my fellow crafters on MISI - Handmade with Love - is auctioning this handmade bag for Haiti

100% of the sale price goes to the DEC Haiti Earthquake Appeal

Saturday, 23 January 2010

more resin hearts

I made a batch of resin hearts like the ones I've used in the previous post as I was really pleased with how they turned out.  I've kept back some to make into a bracelet but have listed the others in my GroovyCart BEADS shop for others to use in their jewellery making.

I've drilled a hole in the top of these hearts - use large jump rings to attach to your project.  Personally I think they make lovely pendants - but them I would say that wouldn't I!!!

I've got some more to list - different sizes and patterns, like the one above - but they will have to wait until another day when the light is better for photographing.  The pattern was created by adding glass paint to clear resin - I love watching the patterns form in front of my eyes as I have no control over what will happen.  I try to make matching pairs for earrings but they are never identical...

Friday, 22 January 2010

resin heart pendant

I made these resin heart necklaces recently.  They have a sprinkle of crushed carnelian gemstones, some tiny gold beads and fragments of gold foil in either clear or lilac resin.

My next project for Easy Craft Projects will show how to make them and there will also be a competition to win one coming soon - so watch this space...
These ones are available to buy from

Thursday, 14 January 2010

plodding on...

I will be so glad when this snow has gone - thawing rapidly at the moment - and I can wear shoes again!  Seems like I've been wearing wellies or walking boots forever.
I've run out of resin and can't get to the craft shop to buy some more so I've ordered online - one week later I'm still waiting.  Got loads of ideas flying around in my head to pursue.  Nick took some stunning photos of the snow & ice - close ups that he's edited on the PC.  I want to try and use them in resin jewellery so hurry up Mr Postman and deliver my parcel!

I've been busy finishing off some resin love heart sweet pieces that I made before christmas.  I've made them into key rings or handbag charms and have listed them on Just K Jewellery on either GroovyCart or MISI. I also found two pairs of resin hoops that I'd forgotten I'd made.  They are now earrings for sale on MISI
Here's the links for GroovyCart and MISI

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

what a lot of snow...

this was the view from the front bedroom window this morning - very pretty but...

It's been snowing steadily all day - apparently we've got 8 inches - at least that's what Nick said  after going outside with a ruler - I don't know why either! 

I decided I wasn't going anywhere so I completed my tax return online & then updated all this years accounts - it was a big pile of paperwork that I'd been studiously avoiding for months.  It was a case of anything rather than doing housework.

I also had a clear out of charms that I'm sure I'll never get round to using - I was going to list them on Karen's Beads - one of my MISI shops - but ended up listing them in batches for 99p on ebay instead.  I'm going to work through my stock of beads and finding tomorrow.  I'll decide whether to list on ebay or MISI when I see what I've got.