Sunday, 16 December 2012

Festive Fun - Gold

Today's colour is Gold

gold pendant - gold foil in yellow resin
cheeky boy keyring - gold colour love heart in star shape resin

gold face earrings - I think these beads look like a BAFTA?

polo pendant - a real polo mint sweet in gold resin

bee pendant - a bee charm in a gold coloured resin heart

gold bracelet - gold plated bracelet with antique gold colour charm and freshwater pearl

gold earrings - gold sprinkles in resin stud earrings

and finally - I know it's orange rather than gold - but it is fun
a goldfish ring - miniature goldfish in resin

all these items - and many more - are for sale on GroovyCart


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Festive Fun - Green

today's colour is green - here's a selection of green jewellery from my shops

green grass pendant - this is funky grass wrapping paper captured in resin

green flower pendant - a pretty ceramic flower on a suede thong necklace

green cluster pendant - a pretty green bead with gemstones

green necklace - pretty chunky shell beads

green bracelet - pretty hearts and charms

green crayon ring - a quirky button cast in resin

green pig pendant - a fun little lampwork pig bead

green gemstone earrings - pretty cats eye beads, there is also a matching pendant

green salad bracelet - lots of fruit and vegetables themed beads and charms

lots more green jewellery in all my shops - links top right of this page

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Festive Fun - Red

OK - the next few blogposts are going to be Christmas colour themed - starting with RED

We'd better start with Santa - so here's a Father Christmas necklace

Cherry Pendant

Red Rose Bottle Necklace

Red Leather Hoop Earrings

Red Heart Pendant

Red Rose Pendant

Red Pencil Pendant
Click the links above the photographs for more information.
As usual this is just a taster of what is listed in my shops - links to them are top right of this page.


Thursday, 29 November 2012

Fabric in Resin Jewellery

Following on from my previous posts another type of jewellery I've been making is fabric, lace or ribbon in resin.  This works nicely as the resin enhances the texture of the fabric - it sort of makes it "pop".

Here are a few examples of my work...

Pink Paisley Pendant - this is ribbon, there's another one in blue
Blue Pattern Pendant - this is Liberty of London fabric
Cream Flower Pendant - again with Liberty of London fabric
Blue Pendant with Gemstones - more Liberty fabric
Tartan Cufflinks - this is tartan ribbon
Union Jack Flag Pendant - this is ribbon with a lovely vintage style appearance
As with my previous posts there's many more items for sale using fabric in resin in my shops on GroovyCart, Wow Thank You and Etsy

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Button Jewellery

Having completely neglected this blog for the past few months I am now trying to catch up.

After my last blogpost about using pressed and dried flowers in my resin jewellery again I also revisited using buttons.  When I first started working with resin I used buttons from my own button box.  This time I've been buying buttons - there is a vast choice of buttons to buy, already sorted by size and colour.  You actually need small buttons or inclusions in resin jewellery.  I've also enjoyed making button bracelets.

Here's a selection of what I've been making recently

cream buttons pendant
purple button bracelet
pink buttons pendant
cream buttons earrings
cream buttons bracelet
button ring
brown button earrings
pink button bracelet

as before there is more button jewellery and buttons in resin jewellery available from all my shops

Flower Jewellery

One of the first things I tried when I started working with resin all those years ago was casting real pressed flowers and leaves in resin.  In those days I pressed flowers and leaves from my own garden from daisies in the lawn to leaves from my Acer tree when they had just turned glorious autumnal reds. 

Recently I'd fallen out of love with resin - so many people are now making resin jewellery and it was becoming increasingly difficult to come up with new and original ideas.  So I went back to the beginning but this time I bought the pressed and dried flowers and have rediscovered my love of working with resin. I hope you like the 2012 versions of my flower jewellery.

flower pendant
fern earrings
fern pendant

heather pendant
babies breath pendant
red rose pendant
flower ring

there's  more flower jewellery available from my shops on GroovyCart, Etsy, Wow Thank You and Misi

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Farm Animal Jewellery

Much of my jewellery is themed - from simple pendants to charm bracelets

Today's theme is.... Farm Animal Jewellery

pig bracelet
sheep pendant
pig pendant
chicken bracelet
duck pendant
rooster pendant

and last - the animal not welcome on the farm
fox necklace
all this jewellery is listed in my GroovyCart shop - along with lots more animals, birds,fish.....