Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Make this pair of Cherry Earrings...

This is a really easy pair of earrings to make. Either buy a kit from Just K Jewellery or follow the instructions using your own beads & findings.

You will need...
a pair of fish hook earrings
2 x head pins
2 x 15mm silver tubes
4 x tiny silver or seed beads
2 x 10mm cherry red glassbeads

Tools... round nose pliers & wire cutters

Take a head pin and add a small silver bead and a cherry red bead.

Add another small silver bead and a silver tube.

You will need 1cm of the head pin to turn a loop. Cut off the excess wire and bend the remaining wire to a 90 degree angle.

Turn a loop in the remaining wire of the head pin.

Open the loop on a fish hook earring and add the head pin.

Close the loop of the earring.

Repeat this process to make the other earring.

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