Tuesday, 9 December 2008

photo keyrings...

I've been uploading my mums box of old photos onto the PC. I wanted to use some of them to make some photo keyrings and decided it would be sensible to scan them all while I had them. A decision I questioned half way through - it took so much longer than I expected. An interesting exercise though. When you look at the photos on the PC screen you see so much more - especially family likenesses.
Anyway, here's my first attempts - all from scanned photos.....
dad about 50 years ago
my brother & me about 45 years ago
my son about 25 years ago

The keyring with my sons photo was the first one I made & the resin has affected the photo. I tried a different technique for the others which worked perfectly.

I'll be adding these personalised keyrings to my shops very soon...

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