Tuesday, 16 June 2009

more jewellery

I've been making more resin pieces that are going to become a necklace - eventually. I bought a funky 60's style dress that Nick is going to hate (hidden in the wardrobe at the mo). It has large block colours in white, orange and pink. It inspired me to make myself a pair of earrings to match and I got carried away - I actually made up too much orange and pink resin. The resin has just about finished curing so I should be able to make the necklace (and earring for me) later today.

In the meantime here's some new jewellery...

all the above are on GroovyCart - click here

this ring is on MISI - click here

and the bracelet below is on FOLKSY - the blue circles are handmade resin - click here


  1. I love that blue circle bracelet - very cool.