Monday, 27 July 2009

resin cabochons, roses & flowers

I've just finished a batch of resin cabochons - all 16 are different! The cabochons have been demolded and are now under the lights for a couple of days.
I just LOVE working with resin!
Next project is a chunky blue necklace - I'm going to have to play around with colours to achieve the effect I'm after. First stage is now curing & looks great - I hope the effect isn't spoilt when I add a darker blue for the second stage - but they are too light blue at the moment.

I've listed some resin flowers on MISI.
The roses don't have any holes or fitting & are flat back, they will need a pendant bail or other flat back setting.
The other flowers have a hole and jump ring but would look great with a decorative pinch bail.

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