Tuesday, 8 December 2009

more charm bracelets earrings & matching jewellery...

thank you to everyone who has bought my jewellery over the past few weeks.
I've been busy making more charm bracelets, matching jewellery and earrings to replace the sold items.

This is a Wizard f Oz inspired Bracelet.

When I saw these cowboy boots charms I immediately thought they'd make a great present for a line dancing fan - there's also a matching bracelet.

This bracelet has lots of gardening themed charms - some of them are really cute!

A holly bracelet and matching earrings

Butterfly bracelet and matching earrings.

Blue millefiori glass hearts - bracelet and two pairs of matching earrings

All this jewellery is available from Just K Jewellery on GroovyCart http://www.justkjewellery.co.uk/

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