Saturday, 4 December 2010

lots of lovely things

everyone's getting a bit fed up of all the problems on MISI but the most intrepid inmates are still there

latest topic on the forum is "what's your most expensive item" and it's thrown up some gorgeous things so I thought I'd share them

from Talking Beads

from Shoogly Beads

from Priti Jewellery

from MornieG Jewellery  this is actually the 2nd most expensive but I've chosen it because I think it's stunning

from Pixel Pyro

from Cirens Call  who sell her jewellery to raise funds for the Many Tears animal rescue charity

from Paulines Passions

from Natty Needles

from Mystic Moonshadows

from Scottish Princess

from Panic Tuesday

and from me
Just K Jewellery


  1. There really are some gorgeous items on Misi!

    Thanks for including my clock!

  2. Thank you Karen. Midnight in Atlantis is one of my all time favourites. I will keep my Misi shop open it's such a friendly place and there are lots of talented people there.

  3. Thank you. There are some really stunning items for sale on Misi.

  4. Thanks Karen, am hanging in there on Misi at the moment there are so many nice things about. Mo.XX

  5. I too will stay on Misi, somehow it draws me back. I like the look of it, the layout of the forums and the people there. x x

  6. amazing things, love your blog!
    followed it (: