Monday, 21 March 2011

I love you lots like Jelly Tots - for Mothers Day

I was asked to make another personalised jelly tot heart bag charm recently.  The words I was asked to include must have been a private message or joke so I hope the recipient likes it - she's got a lovely boyfriend to go to all that trouble.
As I had to mix up a batch of resin I decided to make some more jelly tot heart bag charms (or keyrings) but with the word Mum or Mummy for Mothers Day

I didn't want to leave out Nana so made one for her too.  They've been listed in my GroovyCart shop today.
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  1. These look fab and I'm sure they'll prove to be popular too :)

  2. I find these fascinating. Do you have a post anywhere that shows how you make these and get the little items inside the resin?

  3. They really are sweet and delicious!