Friday, 7 October 2011

my workroom

We've just been challenged on the Folksy forum to photo and post a picture of our workroom or studio
...BUT we're not allowed to tidy - it has to be just grab the camera and take a photo

so this is my very messy workroom
this doesn't look too bad - taken from the doorway.  If you zoom in you'll see the laptop has the post on the forum open.  The other chair is for the cat who likes to keep me company - although she prefers to sit on the laptop so I can't work and have to stroke her

 I have the TV to keep me company during the day - usually tuned to daytime TV but I've changed the channel to BBC News to pretend I'm a bit more highbrow!  My jewellery making table is an absolute mess - why can't I put things away before I start the next project.

and this is my resin making table - nothing brewing at the mo - just a few items to rub down and finish off.

1 comment:

  1. Looks pretty organised to me. You have good taste - I have the same wall clock. Erm, I wonder where you went shopping then!!