Thursday, 16 August 2012

New Stock on GroovyCart

Apolgies in advance - this is a shameless promotion post...

These are a some new pieces recently listed or relisted on GroovyCart. 

I called this pendant The Dressmaker, for obvious reasons.  It sold a while ago but I've now made another one, took a new photo and it's now been relisted

Everything below is new stock

Love Bird charm earrings and pendant

I decided to make some new shape Jelly Tot keyrings - these ones have got "love you lots like Jelly Tots" on the reverse - a sort of secret message!
I was asked by a bridegroom to make a Jelly Tot pendant with a personal message on the back for him to give to his bride on their wedding day to commemorate their marriage.  It was a bit of a "doh" moment for me - why hadn't I thought of putting the words on the back.  All the best ideas come from my customers!

I've made some music theme jewellery recently for a bride to give her bridesmaids so have made some other pieces for my shop.

A music charm on a black leather bracelet and a musical charms pendant

and finally a peacock blue pendant
I bought some peacock tail pendants and have added the colour myself - I made the blue glitter mix and put little drops in each circle.  The pretty crystal bead has a lovely AB coating.

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