Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Festive Fun - Green

today's colour is green - here's a selection of green jewellery from my shops

green grass pendant - this is funky grass wrapping paper captured in resin

green flower pendant - a pretty ceramic flower on a suede thong necklace

green cluster pendant - a pretty green bead with gemstones

green necklace - pretty chunky shell beads

green bracelet - pretty hearts and charms

green crayon ring - a quirky button cast in resin

green pig pendant - a fun little lampwork pig bead

green gemstone earrings - pretty cats eye beads, there is also a matching pendant

green salad bracelet - lots of fruit and vegetables themed beads and charms

lots more green jewellery in all my shops - links top right of this page


  1. Love the green pig pendant and the green salad bracelet! :) (I do like the rest, but these are my fav's!!) x