Saturday, 27 April 2013

New Misi

 Misi has new owners who are breathing new life into the website. It's been great to see their enthusiasm and be part of the new Misi. I've started listing there again, especially after they offered all "old" sellers a free listing day.

For anyone who doesn't know Misi - it stands for Make It Sell It - and is a UK site for Crafters and Artisans to sell their handmade wares.

Misi has been through the wars recently as the previous owner and creator has been ill and not been able to give Misi the love and attention the website needed - resulting in lots of problems not being dealt with and sorted out promptly.

Not any more - the new owners have quickly and efficiently sorted out problems. Sellers are being asked what new features we would like and all ideas/suggestions are being taken onboard.

The photographs below show many of the items that are newly listed in my Misi shop

this is the link to find out more Just K Jewellery on Misi


  1. Beautiful stuff, Karen, it will be interesting to see how sales go once word gets around that the site is under new management. Good luck,
    Joy xx

  2. As Joy said, lovely stuff Karen!! I'm seriously looking at listing some things on there as well, it would be good to get a new Misi back!! Nice to see you back to blogging again, hope you keep it up!! :)