Saturday, 4 May 2013

Resin Button Jewellery

My last blog post was about using real pressed flowers in resin to make botanical jewellery.  Another favourite inclusion from my early days of using resin was buttons.  In those days I was using old buttons salvaged from clothes that were destined for the dustbin and stored in an old tin - my buttons tin.  As I developed my skills in working with resin buttons were discarded for more unusual inclusions and experiments using paints and pigments.

Recently I fell out of love with resin and was considering stopping all together and taking my jewellery making in another direction.  I was asked to make a necklace with pressed flowers in resin and having enjoyed that decided to go back to the early days and "play" with some more of the original ideas.  I rediscovered buttons.  This time it has been more fun as I found you can buy bags of buttons already sorted by colour and size.

The jewellery below is just a taster of what I've been making.  If you want to see more photographs or find out more about the jewellery please click the description below the photograph.


The next thing is going to be buttons in resin bangles but I need to buy some moulds first.

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