Thursday, 27 March 2014

Heather Flower Jewellery

When I'm in my workroom Pepper often keeps me company.  She's got a good view from the windowsill of the bird table which we keep well stocked.

Like most people we have a visiting squirrel

And we occasionally get some Jays

I grow a few different colour Heathers in my garden - which I pick and press to use in my resin jewellery.  I discovered recently that you can press/dry flowers in the microwave - which saves so much time.  I no longer have to wait months to be able to use the flowers I've pressed. 

These are just a few pieces of my Heather jewellery - listed in my Etsy shop

Click here to visit my Etsy shop - as usual type "heather" into the search box to see everything

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  1. These are lovely Karen. Your cat looks very determined to get to the birds!! :)