Tuesday, 21 June 2016

I'm back on Folksy

I'm back on Folksy!

I first opened a Folksy shop years ago, not long after they launched, and were still in beta mode.

I left and closed my shop when they decided to enforce a rule about what was deemed "handmade" which affected many of my crafting friends, mainly jewellery makers.  Whilst this rule didn't really affect me I saw the small businesses run by my friends torn apart and they were devastated.  They were forced off Folksy and most moved over to Etsy. I felt that Folksy had treated my friends badly - they should have enforced their rules from day one.  I decided I didn't like how Folksy had treated their customers (us, the sellers) and closed my shop in support of my friends. I moved over to Etsy too and found that being on Etsy was the best thing that could have happened to me. My Etsy sales have increased year on year - shipping all over the world.

However I've always felt that I needed a UK presence too and have thought about reopening on Folksy for a while.  The site is only for UK sellers and I like that - it keeps out the sellers from the Far East selling at silly prices that we can't compete with.

So I'm back on Folksy.  I've opened a shop and am slowly stocking it.  I've bought a "plus" account and am going to give it a year to see what happens.

Here's a link to my new FOLKSY shop - Click Here

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