Monday, 28 April 2008

Vintage Style Pendants...

I wanted to make some vintage style pendants using photos. I raided my mum's box of old family photos which I've scanned. I can't believe how well the really old photos have come out. They were taken in the days when the models had to stay still for ages until the camera had done it's exposing stuff (I'm not a photographer - can you guess). These are my first attempts. I've used two different pendants but have got some vintage style ones on the way which should be more effective. The lady in the top 2 photos is my paternal grandmother & the lady at the bottom my maternal grandmother. Both photos were taken in the 1920's when they were young women. The photo in the middle is a recent one of my son & his fiancee. I've aged it on the PC giving it a sepia finish. All the photos have been sealed with tinted resin which cures to a "glass" finish.

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