Friday, 11 April 2008

where did this week go to...

I can't believe it's friday already - where did the week go to! I asked on my Craft Markets customer forum for an idea for the next project.
Marion from Craftymoon suggested my rose quartz necklace - this will be a good project for a beginner. If anyone wants a kit then I'll be able to offer a choice of gemstones - Jade, Strawberry Quartz, Tigers Eye etc - I'll have a rummage to see what I can find.

I went to see Mum & Dad yesterday. Mum wants a red necklace so I took a selection as well as some red beads. She ended up buying 2 necklaces & I'm going to make her another. As usual we argued about how much she was going to pay - she won, as usual!

I'd ordered some stock which arrived earlier this week - including some chokers. I made the choker below with some shell buttons I'd bought a while ago. I think it works very well. I've put this one on The Secret Jewellery Boutique.
On the domestic front I'm being a grumpy old woman (don't say "as usual" Nick). Our neighbours are having a big extension built & their builders are driving me mad. I can barely get the car on & off the drive some days. The neigbours are very apologetic but there's not much anyone can do as we're the top house in the cul-de-sac. This is quite good - there's often more cars parked outside the house (you can just see the skip on the left of the picture)

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