Sunday, 13 July 2008

Make This Ring...

To make the cluster ring that I've called my "odds & ends" ring below you will need a ring blank with 8 loops and at least 24 beads & small headpins.

To get the best effect you need to attach at least three beads to each loop - more if possible. I've used 6mm beads, stars, hearts, flowers and silver & gold beads - all picked at random from my box.

Take a bead & put it on a headpin, trim off the excess wire & turn a loop, but don't close the loop. Attach to one of the loops on the ring & then close the loop on the headpin. Repeat this process until you've used all your beads or the ring is as full as you want it to be - it can be really fiddly work so be patient...

The ring is now for sale in my Secret Jewellery GROOVYCART shop - click the link on the right of this page

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