Monday, 24 November 2008

more of my handmade resin jewellery...

when I look at the kind of jewellery I make I worrry myself sometimes... my style is so varied & I seem to flit from idea to idea. I've been experimenting over the past few days - had quite a few disasters & made loads of mistakes but that's how I learn. I think I've stumbled on another interesting effect - but the pieces haven't fully cured so I won't know if it's worked until I demold them.

While I wait for the resin to cure I've finished these pieces and added them to The Secret Jewellery Boutique.

This pretty necklace has lilac flower embelishments embedded in clear glasslike resin. I put it on a sterling silver bail and chain which seems to set it off beautifully. (note to me - must not wear it myself!!!)

these pink earrings are really kitsch & fun. Takes me back to my days as a hippy chick...

these earrings have dolphin embellishments embedded in clear glasslike resin

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