Friday, 23 October 2009

new earrings

We've just got a laptop which I'm slowly getting to grips with...
I've added two new pairs of earrings today

These ones are on sterling silver ear wires. They are handmade resin hearts - I created the pattern by adding glass paint to clear resin at different stages of the curing process. I'm really pleased with the result & thought I'd better list them before I was tempted to wear them myself! They are for sale in my MISI shop

I love these heart shaped frames - I've put millefiori stars in the frames. They are for sale on my JKJ shop on GroovyCart - here's the link


  1. Oooh..I love that 2nd pair of hearts!! The swirly frame is beautiful

  2. they're pretty aren't they. Got a batch to make up into jewellery...