Saturday, 6 March 2010

mr frog and the rose garden bracelet

I keep making resin pieces and moving on to the next idea....
I made a mould of a frog from a little button I found.  Every time I have some left over resin I make a little frog!.
This one has been embedded in a resin heart, with some glitter to give a splash of sparkle!
My next project for Easy Craft Projects will be a photo charm bracelet.  The photo charms I made were of my son as a small child and I love it - been wearing the bracelet since I made it

After I'd written the project I decided to use the same idea to make another bracelet using our photographs.  We had a lovely afternoon last summer wandering round a walled rose garden - the scent was heady and overwhelming - I spent a few hours enjoying the roses while Nick took loads of photos.  I've used his photos in this bracelet with some flourite gemstones, amethyst chips and freshwater pearls
the mr frog necklace and rose garden bracelet have been listed in my FOLKSY shop today

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