Tuesday, 9 March 2010

more resin keyrings

I don't know why I keep making my latest resin pieces into keyrings.....  just seems the most appropriate
these are on GroovyCart

these are on Folksy

and these on Misi

My latest project is using our photos in resin and I'm about to go upstairs and de-mould my latest pieces....


  1. Wow, your creations are absolutly fab! I have loved looking through your posts ever since you first tried using resin.

    I'm hopeing you could answer a couple of questions for me as I've been experimenting with resin for a couple of months now, but I'm not entirely happy with my results.

    * what kind of resin do you use?
    * do you do any sanding or polishing? I have tried to add a top coat of resin to bring back some shine, but so far it's went a little bit bumpy when it cures (I'm guessing it's because of air bubbles, but I'm not sure how to avoid them on such a thin layer).


  2. hiya - thanks for your comments. I use crystal resin and don't polish or buff the cured pieces. More than happy to answer questions - you can email me or PM me through one of the sites where I sell my work