Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Chilli Pepper Jewellery

I bought some small glass chilli pepper charms recently thinking I'd make a charm bracelet with them.  I could have kicked myself when they arrived - why didn't I read the description properly & take note of the dimensions!  They were tiny & lots of them didn't have a proper hole in the loop in the top.  I've separated out all the charms that I can use with a jump ring - but 75% I can't get the thinnest wire through.

It's just as well that I make resin jewellery and could embed them into different colour resin to make a chilli pepper range of jewellery (it would have been the bin otherwise)
these pieces are all in my GroovyCart shop

I've still got LOADS of them left so suspect they'll be appearing in my resin jewellery on & off for a while.  I might make some up into cabochons and pendants to sell in Just K Beads on GroovyCart or Karen's Beads on Misi - so let me know if you might be interested...


  1. They are nice, though!
    Love your jewellery!


  2. I've made similar mistakes before - but I don't do the resin so I've had to bin things or give them to the charity shop!

    I love the chillis in the resin though, and if you hadn't said I would have thought that was what you had always intended on doing :)