Sunday, 6 June 2010

MISI looney listers

a group of us with stores on MISI have decided to have a daily listing challenge.  This is to raise the profile of MISI and all the wonderful handmade gifts for sale on the site.  So we will all be listing one new item a day on MISI and then will blog, tweet and post on FaceBook about it.

So here goes...

this is my first item listed for MISI looney listers

little glass chilli pepper charms in lime green resin - and made up into a funky, kitsch ring


  1. I thought I was already following you karen, but turns out I wasn't on your list, sorry, I'm following you now. well done.

  2. Hi, found your blog, I think I'm following you elsewhere but thought I'd follow here too. Do you know what's happened to MISI? Suddenly last night the sight has vanished from the internet and brings up messages like "no such file or directory"

  3. seems like MISI was down, or playing up, all day yesterday but I've just got in this morning so fingers crossed the problems are now sorted!