Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Tea or Coffee Jewellery

I recently bought coffee beans instead of ground coffee at the supermarket - I obviously wasn't paying enough attention.  Turned out to be an expensive mistake as we then bought a little coffee grinder - but Nick says he likes the taste so we're now buying coffee beans.

I thought I'd see what the coffee beans look like when cast in resin.  I wasn't sure if they would colour the resin but it turned out that air bubbles would be the problem.  The air bubbles seem to pop out of the coffee beans when I'm not looking.

I hope people don't mind the air bubbles too much.  I need to play some more to work out how to avoid getting the air bubbles, although I don't really mind them.

The keyring below was my first attempt - and I've listed it as a Seconds in my GroovyCart shop due to the air bubbles. 

Having used the coffee beans my mind turned to tea - what would that look like in resin.  So I rummaged in the cupboard and found a box of Green Tea with Lemon.  I snipped the top off the tea bag and sprinkled some into the resin.  Again I was expecting the tea to colour the resin but it didn't - this is the result...

Everything is listed in my Etsy shop apart from the Keyring which is listed in my GroovyCart shop. 

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