Tuesday, 25 March 2008

back to normal...

well, as normal as it ever is here. What awful easter weather! We've given up expecting anything special at easter & just enjoy 4 days off work. I don't do domesticity so we went to the pub for lunch on easter sunday with Mum & Dad - had a lovely meal. Dad used to be a woodwork/craft teacher & I needed to bend his ear about making resin jewellery. He used to use resin & make fibre glass boats - the house used to really stink as the resin was powerful stuff. I've got a couple of books about making resin jewellery but they are american & use american products. The lady that runs my Art Clay workshops sells Envirotex - so I'm going to try that but I also am going to try to get some of the products that dad used to use. I'm sure I'll be reporting my disasters here soon... but hopefully, eventually, some lovely resin jewellery too

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