Saturday, 22 March 2008

What a blooming awful day - we've had snow, sleet, lashing rain & sunshine - and its' sooooo cold. I've got the fire on to try & cheer the house up. Him indoors has gone to see his mum & take her to his brother for easter & I've been pottering around taking photos of jewellery to put on my websites. I swear it takes longer to photo the jewellery than to make it.

I added these two pairs of sterling silver earrings to SJB (secret jewellery boutique). I bought the dangles to add to some beads but when they arrived they were so pretty & simple that I decided they'd look better on their own. When you make jewellery you sometimes lose sight of the fact that it's got to be wearable
I finished the solid silver jewellery below yesterday - the little flowers have swarovski crystals in the middle & I made them for ME. The other circle earrings and flower choker are both on JKJ (Just K Jewellery)

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