Friday, 28 March 2008

It's a small world...

apologies to anyone reading this that also reads the "what I've been up to this week" on my Craft Markets customer forum...

It turns out that one of my fellow stall holders on Craft Markets - Susie from Die Cut Dreams - comes from Windsor too & we both studied catering at Slough College, but at different times. The spooky thing is that I met up with some old college friends a couple of weeks ago - Jill Davison & Nikki Trigg. We spent a whole afternoon remembering people & lecturers although their memories were better than mine. We weren't very good students & were always in trouble for skipping lectures. I hadn't seen Nikki since we left college in ---eeek --- 1976 (32 years ago). Jill & I stayed friends but had drifted apart & lost contact due to house moves about 10-15 years ago. Jill had been a very good friend to me when I split up with my husband. I had a small baby & my ex decided he didn't want to pay maintenance - but that's another story - I survived, did 2 jobs to support us.

Changing the subject completely & going back to crafting - I'm waiting for the Envirotex resin I've ordered to arrive & I can start playing "resin jewellery". This will probably have to wait as Nick has a week off work next week & we've got a few chores to do. We'll probably have some trips out too - weather permitting

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