Friday, 23 January 2009

Making jewellery...

I've recently made myself a workroom - I had to move out of the dining room so we could use it at christmas. I was making resin in the dining room & jewellery in the study - and any other table I could use around the house! I've redecorated the room and moved everything in. Nick said he was going to take a photo to remind us of what it looked like tidy - I think he's just glad I've got a room we can close the door on!
Anyway - I decided to take some photos myself...
Dolly the dispay dummy in the corner says "hello".

This is my jewellery making desk. It was untidy again within 30 minutes of moving in as I uprooted boxes looking for something

This is my resin table - I doubt if I'll ever see it as tidy & neat again. I use a selection of ready made molds that I have to buy from the USA, I can't find a supplier in the UK with a decent range of shapes. I also make my own molds from found items and I make shapes out of fimo & then make a mold.

To make the resin you mix the resin with hardener in the correct quantities. While it is liquid you can tint or colour it and add a variety of different items/inclusions. It takes about 24 hours to become hard enough to demold the pieces & then they need to continue curing for about 48 hours. Curing under lights helps to speed up the process.

As you can see from the photo I've got some kitsch pieces curing - I've embedded sweets in the resin. I've had about a 50% success rate so far - the others had air bubbles trapped in the resin. I hope to be able to take photos of the finished pieces in the next few days...

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