Monday, 5 January 2009

Happy New Year...

Happy New Year...
Here we go - back to normal and I've got loads to get my teeth into this year. Nick was supposed to go back to work today after a nice long relaxing christmas break but like most of britain we've had the lurgy & he hasn't shaken it off yet. Hopefully he'll be well enough to go in tomorrow.
I'm planning to change the name of my jewellery shop on GroovyCart from Secret Jewellery to Just K Jewellery - it gets so confusing having online shops with different names. The plan is to have just one online shop eventually which will be Just K Jewellery on GroovyCart. All the different domain names I own will be redirected to take you to this shop. I'll be making the change this week and will need to check all links, listings etc. If anyone finds a link that doesn't work I'd be really grateful for a quick email...

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  1. Hi Karen Love the new name and the new logo
    Happy new year
    Love Susie xx