Thursday, 14 January 2010

plodding on...

I will be so glad when this snow has gone - thawing rapidly at the moment - and I can wear shoes again!  Seems like I've been wearing wellies or walking boots forever.
I've run out of resin and can't get to the craft shop to buy some more so I've ordered online - one week later I'm still waiting.  Got loads of ideas flying around in my head to pursue.  Nick took some stunning photos of the snow & ice - close ups that he's edited on the PC.  I want to try and use them in resin jewellery so hurry up Mr Postman and deliver my parcel!

I've been busy finishing off some resin love heart sweet pieces that I made before christmas.  I've made them into key rings or handbag charms and have listed them on Just K Jewellery on either GroovyCart or MISI. I also found two pairs of resin hoops that I'd forgotten I'd made.  They are now earrings for sale on MISI
Here's the links for GroovyCart and MISI

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