Thursday, 1 April 2010

hot X buns and little resin animal cabochons

I decided to make my own hot X buns this year as the ones you buy from the supermarket don't really taste of anything.  Rather a rash decision but I bought the ingredients at the weekend meaning to make them earlier this week & freeze them.  Did I?  of course not - so had to make them today.  Takes forever but eventually got there.  I haven't made hot X buns since I was a teenager ???? years ago.
A rather mixed batch of sizes and shapes - the ones around the edge are somewhat scorched - but they tasted OK.  I debated whether to post a piccie as my baking tray has seen better days.  Now that I've got the strong flour & tin of dried yeast I might even be tempted to have a go at some bread!

Back to resin - I've embedded some more of my little resin animals in clear resin cabochons and made them into cufflinks and rings.

available from Just K Jewellery on GroovyCart


  1. the hot cross buns look lovely, I make bread most of the time, except during the holidays with 2 strapping lads at home they get through it quicker than I can make it. home made bread is so much nicer than shop bought, go for it.

  2. Well done you! They look great and I am sure they tasted great too! I wouldn't have known where to start. Hugs, Claire x

  3. hmm those hot cross buns have made me even more hungry! :)

  4. they look lovely mmm, love the cabs too :-)

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