Saturday, 10 April 2010

a very messy workroom

I've just been reading a thread on the FOLKSY forum about messy workrooms and decided to embarass myself into having a clear up...
this is my resin table - I'm amazed I manage to make anything!

and I thought having shelves would help me be tidy - lol!

It's actually much worse than this in real life coz it's only a small room - and I've got just enough room in the middle of the chaos for my chair


  1. My dining room table (what once was my dining room table!) is in a similar state, only I think I need a trip to ikea to get some shelving today- your shelves and boxes look like they are a big help, my fabrics and papers are in a massive heap on the floor, very bad! x

  2. my workshop was supposed to help me make keep things (lots of things)tidier but i think i just need to admit i'm a messy creative person, my table is never clear even when i've tidied it!!!
    i think that you are just very busy being creative Karen and the tidying isn't as important!!!1

  3. lol - my dining table is my post/packing table and I work on the laptop in the sitting room where I take pics on the floor by the french windows so got loads of display stuff everywhere (and stuff on the stairs waiting to be taken up to the workroom)

  4. but out of chaos comes such beautiful things !