Monday, 8 August 2011

Memories of Childhood Holidays

gosh, I can't believe how long it's been since I last blogged!

Today I want to feature one of my fellow crafters Shoogly Beads

Shoogly Beads specialises in gorgeous jewellery and original handmade polymer clay beads and buttons.

Pat also paints and recently I saw a link to this fabulous little original ACEO painting which I had to buy.

 It immediately transported me back to our family holidays as a child.  We used to go camping in Croyde Bay in North Devon - in the days before it was a trendy surfing centre.  We camped in Farmer Brown's orchard behind the farmhouse - there were no facilities apart from one cold water tap and we used the public loos in the village (we didn't have a bath or shower for the entire holiday) but it was bliss, we had wonderful holidays.
I know there is a family photo of us on the beach walking towards the sea trailing buckets and spades which this little painting reminds me of as well as photos of us shrimping with fishing nets in the rock pools - but I don't have any copies of those photos.  Maybe these photos will give a flavour of those holidays...

I can't believe these photos are nearly 50 years old - where did the years go!


  1. What a lovely post Karen! I'm really glad the picture evoked such happy memories for you. Somehow the seaside seemed so much more fun away back when.....all we needed were buckets and spades...sunshine was the icing on the cake!

  2. Lovely post Karen... such happy memories of simpler times. These days holidays never seem quite that easy, and the kids never seem happy with just a bucket and spade. Thankyou for sharing your memories xxx

  3. i can understand why the aceo would evoke such memories its beautiful.