Sunday, 25 November 2012

Button Jewellery

Having completely neglected this blog for the past few months I am now trying to catch up.

After my last blogpost about using pressed and dried flowers in my resin jewellery again I also revisited using buttons.  When I first started working with resin I used buttons from my own button box.  This time I've been buying buttons - there is a vast choice of buttons to buy, already sorted by size and colour.  You actually need small buttons or inclusions in resin jewellery.  I've also enjoyed making button bracelets.

Here's a selection of what I've been making recently

cream buttons pendant
purple button bracelet
pink buttons pendant
cream buttons earrings
cream buttons bracelet
button ring
brown button earrings
pink button bracelet

as before there is more button jewellery and buttons in resin jewellery available from all my shops