Thursday, 29 November 2012

Fabric in Resin Jewellery

Following on from my previous posts another type of jewellery I've been making is fabric, lace or ribbon in resin.  This works nicely as the resin enhances the texture of the fabric - it sort of makes it "pop".

Here are a few examples of my work...

Pink Paisley Pendant - this is ribbon, there's another one in blue
Blue Pattern Pendant - this is Liberty of London fabric
Cream Flower Pendant - again with Liberty of London fabric
Blue Pendant with Gemstones - more Liberty fabric
Tartan Cufflinks - this is tartan ribbon
Union Jack Flag Pendant - this is ribbon with a lovely vintage style appearance
As with my previous posts there's many more items for sale using fabric in resin in my shops on GroovyCart, Wow Thank You and Etsy


  1. I love the fabric, very effective, I've read back and your buttons and flowers are very pretty too. I am a fan of button jewellery!