Sunday, 25 November 2012

Flower Jewellery

One of the first things I tried when I started working with resin all those years ago was casting real pressed flowers and leaves in resin.  In those days I pressed flowers and leaves from my own garden from daisies in the lawn to leaves from my Acer tree when they had just turned glorious autumnal reds. 

Recently I'd fallen out of love with resin - so many people are now making resin jewellery and it was becoming increasingly difficult to come up with new and original ideas.  So I went back to the beginning but this time I bought the pressed and dried flowers and have rediscovered my love of working with resin. I hope you like the 2012 versions of my flower jewellery.

flower pendant
fern earrings
fern pendant

heather pendant
babies breath pendant
red rose pendant
flower ring

there's  more flower jewellery available from my shops on GroovyCart, Etsy, Wow Thank You and Misi


  1. They are beautiful, Karen, and welcome back to blogland, Joy xx

  2. thank you Joy - I was a bit horrified at how neglected my blog has been