Saturday, 8 August 2015

Coffee Bean Jewellery

I've been making more jewellery with real coffee beans in resin.
I always seem to make them in batches - and always forget what a pain in the butt they are. A constant battle with air bubbles.  I check & check again - am happy that there are no air bubbles and then go away to do something else.  A while later I come back and check again - and there's always at least one air bubble that sneaked in.  Now bearing in mind that you make resin pieces upside down in moulds so it means lifting the mould up in the air but not tipping it so the resin spills or moves too much.
It's all worth the effort as the result is a lovely quirky piece of jewellery.

These are little stud earrings. 

A coffee bean bottle necklace.  

Coffee bean charm necklace with cup & saucer and coffee pot charms.

Coffee bean cufflinks.

Coffee bean earrings.  

Coffee bean cabochon ring.  

Coffee bean cufflinks. 

And it always seems a pity to throw away the pieces where the air bubbles won - so I list them as seconds at a reduced price. 

All the pieces above are listed in my Etsy shop - click here to see what's currently in stock.

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