Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Coins in Resin

We have a box of old coins at home.  Some are pre-decimal UK coins but we also have some French Francs left over from holidays.  I selected a few and cleaned them as best I could - and then cast them in resin to make pendants and keyrings.

They seemed quite popular so I then bought a bag of old sixpences with a variety of different dates. They were always called "lucky sixpence" here in the UK so I felt they were a good coin to cast in resin. Some of them were very dirty as they had all been in circulation but I got out my trusty old toothbrush and gave them a good scrub.

Here's some of them...

1981 French Franc

1966 UK old Penny

1966 UK Halfpenny

1991 French Franc with Heather

1994 French Franc

1955 UK Lucky Sixpence

1960 UK Lucky Sixpence

I gave some of them a border of dried heather that I had picked from my garden and pressed to use in my flower jewellery. 

The above items are just a selection of what I have in stock at the time of writing.  To see what I have in stock today please click this link Resin Coin Jewellery

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