Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Folksy July Jesters - 14th

done it again - where did those days go to?

been busy making & listing pieces for Karen's Beads on Folksy - all I have to do now is take some more photo's...

I asked Folksy Admin if I could sell some of my dad's handmade woodwork in my shop - and they said yes!  I also want to try making things other than jewellery so have renamed my shop Just K Jewellery & Gifts.

The last few items listed for July Jesters are

Dannie, from Booties by Dannie,  had a really good idea for a JJ blog (and not just because she included one of my items) and wrote about her favourite things.  She chose her favourite items from all her JJ blogs so far this month.  I'm going to copy her, and do the same for my next blog - hopefully I'll be able to do it first thing tomorrow when it's quiet & peaceful.  If you'd like to see what she chose - read it here


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  2. Ooops meant to say box, said bowl, silly me. It is very nice, clever dad. Hope sales goes well.

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  4. Your suncatcher is GORGEOUS